The Guitar Artist

The Guitar Artist is a project that offers an inside look at the creative artistry of Doug Shearer. I first met Doug while doing a shoot for a North Carolina hunger relief organization called Manna Food Bank. He was strolling around the Black Mountain Mobile Produce Market (a Manna Partner) from table to table smiling and picking a colorful electric guitar. I thought it a little odd but then again, as a photographer I’m attracted to the unconventional. We struck up a conversation that ranged from music to art to far eastern religions, all in the matter of about 10 minutes. I found this combination of worldly and spiritual knowledge intriguing to say the least. read more

Lately, Doug has found another outlet for his creative flow. He describes it as Wabi-Sabi, the ancient art of finding beauty in imperfection. He’s mixing his musical instruments (specifically electric guitars) and the art of Wabi-Sabi by carefully distressing the instrument then layering on earthy colors ranging from browns and greens to purple. His finished pieces are remarkably beautiful, exhibiting a mix of iridescent colors with the softer tones of nature. The colors of some pieces remind me of those you could find in a North Carolina mountain stream, like the color of a rainbow trout or the color and texture of some strange looking salamander, while others are reminiscent of animal skins. As of now Doug has about 30 finished pieces and plans on having a gallery show.

Doug says he’s a man of many personas depending on what he’s involved with; he’s Rusty Douglas when working on his Wabi-Sabi guitar art, Doug Douglas when he’s the drummer in the band, Duck Quack when playing guitar and Sky Douglas when practicing space music. Whatever the name he chooses to use, the man makes an interesting subject to photograph.