Carlyle Ellis Documentary Photographer

Carlyle “Corky” Ellis

Classically Trained

I am a classically trained graphic designer (Ringling College of Art and Design) and a completely “self-taught” documentary photographer. I started my photographic journey in 2001 with my first dSLR, a 6 megapixel EOS D60. Cameras have come and gone, and my equipment has changed over the years, but my aim has remained the same; to capture captivating and meaningful images that tell a story.

Documentary Photography 

My energy is spent in the area of social documentary photography and story telling. I am studying Documentary Arts at the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies. I am constantly seeking involvement in projects that concern the human condition and social justice issues.

Helping Nonprofits

In addition to my business and graphic design expertise, I have attended several professional workshops devoted to nonprofit photography where I have helped charitable organizations raise awareness and tell their story. I have been fortunate enough to have world-renowned photographers the likes of David Allen Harvey, Shelby Lee Adams and Sarah Stacke review and critique my portfolio.


My affiliations include: The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), North Carolina Press Photographers Association (NCPPA), The International Documentary Association (IDA), The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), and the Asheville Area Arts Council.

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All images on this site are copyright protected and available for license or for purchase as high quality photographic prints on either Kodak ENDURA lustre paper or Fuji Pearl paper. For select images, licensing is available through Covenant Grafix LLC.